Expertise in labor and employment consultancy, judicial and administrative litigation and union negotiation.

The advisory of our office is developed in a multidisciplinary and dynamic way, which allows a broad view of the issue, foreseeing scenarios to bring solutions capable of eliminating or minimizing risks. Our work involves the elaboration of opinions related to the Labor Law area, including international and expatriates, advice on the elaboration and development of the executive compensation plan, preparation and review of the Stock Option Plan and Profit and Results Participation Plan, monitoring and carrying out Due Diligence and giving lectures and training to clients, aiming to mitigate risks and minimize contingencies in a preventive, precise and efficient performance.

The judicial litigation covers individual and collective actions, in all instances, and the performance in the administrative sphere provides the defense of the clients' interests in administrative procedures promoted by the Ministry of Labor and Employment and investigative procedures instituted by the Public Ministry of Labor.

The office's performance in union negotiations allows the development of strategies and participation in negotiations, with the elaboration and review of collective labor agreements and other demands involving the union.

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